confident woman

The Correlation Between Style and Confidence

confident woman

We’ve all been there before; You throw on whatever seems to be clean in your closet, toss on a hat and head out the door to run a quick errand to the store only to run into a long lost “friend” that you haven’t seen since graduation. How confident did you feel when you ran into that person looking how you did? Chances are you were definitely not feeling your most confident and sort of regret getting dressed haphazardly.

Believe it or not the way you dress is has a direct correlation with your confidence. If your outfit looks put together and you feel comfortable wearing it then you are feeling good about yourself. Likewise if you are not dressed your best then your confidence is also not at its peak. So how do you make sure that your style and confidence stays consistent and does not flip flop based on your mood? Get in the mindset of dressing how you want others to address you!

If you are a business owner then you want to make sure that your style reflects the powerhouse, successful person that you are destined to be. Dressing how you want others to perceive you will make sure that your style is always on its A-game and in return will make sure that you always feel confident. Starting today make a conscious choice to dress like you want to others to see you…as the fabulous person that you are!

Monique Moon is the owner and founder of Glam Up Style, a fashion and image consulting brand that helps powerhouse women feel confident in everything they wear + spend more time doing what they love without sacrificing their style. Read more of her bio here.

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