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How To Finish 2015 With A Bang!

In an interview with MTV in 2009 Katy Perry describes making a vision board when she was nine years old.

Beyonce has a picture of an Academy award right near her treadmill that she looks at daily so she can keep her goals literally right in front of her.

Sara Blakely, Spanx creator, wrote her goals down to invent a product that she could sell to a lot of people and they became reality.

These individuals and you have something BIG in common…we all have big dreams within us and visuals have the power to unlock those dreams.

I am a major believer that vision boards have power. What’s left on yours to accomplish? Many of us have a limited amount of time to accomplish our dreams…or so we like to believe. It is possible to juggle multiple responsibilities and still dream big. The key is to find a balance and create the space and time. I want to give you the tips I used to finish off the year strong.

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Those that joined the last webinar had great reviews. Here are just two…
“Thank you for a great visionary help.  I like the idea of get up and show up and move forward into a new and confident life.” – M. Boutros

“I am taking action and using my vision board actively! You are well organized, have great energy and your flow is wonderful.” – D. Hart

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