The Correlation Between Style and Confidence

We’ve all been there before; You throw on whatever seems to be clean in your closet, toss on a hat and head out the door to run a quick errand to the store only to run into a long lost “friend” that you haven’t seen since graduation. How confident did you feel when you ran into that person looking how you did? Chances are you were definitely not feeling your most confident and sort of regret getting haphazardly.

Take A Healthy Ride of Confidence

How many times have you tried new diets only to find yourself riding the diet roller coaster of life? If you do decide lose excess weight, the first thing that should pop in your mind is to begin changing your eating and exercise habits, not finding the latest fad diet to help you lose 20 lbs in 15 days. Everyone who starts out on a diet or plan will usually begin innocently and then fall into an unhealthy cycle of starve and binge. Adopting a well balanced, 5-meal a day plan will help you lose the excess fat, not only that it will have you feeling more confident about yourself and your health, all without depleting your wallet.

5 Ways to Confidently & Fearlessly Pursue Your Dreams

The closer we get to achieve our dreams, the scarier it becomes. Though we know exactly what we want and how we want to be, the fear of the unknown lurks in the back of our minds. Often the fear of either failure or success begins whispering to us in the midst of moving toward our dream life. The beauty in being a confident woman is not that you don’t feel these negative emotions, but that you feel them yet boldly step forward anyway.

How To Finish 2015 With A Bang!

In an interview with MTV in 2009 Katy Perry describes making a vision board when she was nine years old. Beyonce has a picture of an Academy award right near her treadmill that she looks at daily so she can keep her goals literally right in front of her...

The Brave Project: Tonya’s Story

Domestic violence comes in so many different forms. Physical, mental, emotional, ect...and yes FINANCIAL. An abuser can use money as their form of power to belittle someone. The effects of abuse can last long after the victim has broken free. It can take years to overcome, but with love and bravery it is possible. Read Tonya's story of how she became brave and overcame the abuse in her life.

The Brave Project: Jennifer’s Story

One of the reoccurring themes from the Brave Project I have noticed is that no matter the length of time the abuse happened it caught many of the survivors by surprise. We all experienced the same victim guilt and we all try to remain silent. However, speaking up is liberation and Ms Jennifer realized this for herself. Read more of her story below.

The Brave Project: Paula’s Story

Many who are abused never imagine that they would be a victim. It doesn't matter what the person looks like, how they behave, or their background, violence can happen to anyone. However, victory over abuse is also very possible. Read the story of Paula and how she overcame abuse that seemed to have came out of no where in her life.

The Brave Project: Tamieka’s Story

The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to Domestic Violence through the power of others stories. We have been conditioned to believe that no one has experienced the same agony we have. We have been conditioned to believe that we must remain silent and accept what it is we are going through. However, I no longer believe this and it is my hope that as you continue reading you will understand that other women (and men) refuse to live in the silence too. Read Tamieka's story of triumph to bravery and choosing to use her voice for good.

The Brave Project: Keitiaunna’s Story

Know that you do not have to be considered "weak" to end up in a violent relationship. DV can happen to anyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, education background, financial status, or anything else in between. If you or someone you love is feeling threatened by someone they love, then please know the signs and make an escape. Read of Keitiaunna's powerful testimony of how she broke free of domestic violence, not just for herself, but for her children as well.

The Brave Project: Donna’s Story

Every story for domestic violence is different. Some of us deal with so much silently, waiting for our day of freedom to come. Then it can be marked with fear and anxiety when it arrives. Read more of Donna's story and how she overcame her situation and remained brave to now live free.