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5 Ways to Confidently & Fearlessly Pursue Your Dreams

confident woman, fun, fearlessThe closer we get to achieve our dreams, the scarier it becomes. Though we know exactly what we want and how we want to be, the fear of the unknown lurks in the back of our minds. Often the fear of either failure or success begins whispering to us in the midst of moving toward our dream life.

The beauty in being a confident woman is not that you don’t feel these negative emotions, but that you feel them yet boldly step forward anyway.

Here are 5 ways to confidently and fearlessly pursue your dreams:

  1. Read affirmations or devotions daily

Start changing the story you tell yourself. For example, every morning repeat, “I am bold, fearless, and confident” or read daily devotions every day to keep you in a positive mindset. What you believe is what you become.

  1. Set goals weekly

Set aside time every Sunday evening to write out a list of goals for the week. Allot 1-2 hours per day to work towards achieving them. If it’s not written down than it is not real. You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.

  1. Read an empowering book at all times

Always have a personal development book or biography of a successful woman on hand. It will give you inspiration, motivation, and confidence. Some great reads in this case are The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks or The Psychology of Winning by Dennis Waitley.

  1. Build your knowledge in an area you struggle with

When you feel less confident or not enough, it usually means you don’t feel well versed in that area or you haven’t had success in that area before. Take time to build that knowledge by watching videos, reading blog posts, reaching out to someone who is more successful in that area, hiring a coach, etc. and then implement the tips and strategies that you learn to boost your confidence.

  1. Write a future bio of yourself

Set aside time to write a future bio of yourself. Write it “as if” your dream life is your reality. Add it to a vision board or leave it next to your bed. Read it daily. For even better results, record yourself reading the bio. Then watch yourself. Notice your body language, eye contact, and voice. Then record until you have a confident and fearless version. Watch this version whenever you feel your confidence wavering.


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Contributed by Taria Pritchett – She is a Confidence Coach, Empowered Life Strategist, and Author of Born to Glow: How to Unleash the Confident & Empowered Woman Within. She teaches women how to become bold, fearless, and confident so they can live their dream life. Stay empowered and get her FREE affirmation cards & confidence e-book at


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